Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Kathryn's Evaluation

1. Our music video both used and challenged the forms and conventions of real media products. We used traditional filming styles, in terms of close ups, long shots, angles and tracking, however we challenged this by using the method of handheld filming. The purpose of this was to create a sense of identity; with the audience being able to relate to the artist. The handheld camera work supports this as a handheld camera creates the effect of the audience being there. It also gives off the impression that a member of the band was filming the music video.
Our ancillary tasks follow the conventions of real media products by strongly linking the magazine advert with the digi-pack cover. We used the same colour scheme and had a repetition of the image of a hand print in the band's signature colour; pink. The hand print represents identity. We also used logos of other companies (film producers etc) in our ancillary tasks, to create believability.
Following Goodwin's points, we used voyeurism in our music video because the audience feel like they are watching the band in an intimate setting. We sold the artist by only showing them in the music video, plus the 'director'. This prevents the viewer being distracted and keeps the focus on the band.

2. The theme of identity is evident in both our main product, and the ancillary tasks. This is made clear by the presence of the handprints in the latter, and the use of handheld camera movement in the former. This camera movement gives the impression of a 'band made' music video, and creates a way for the audience to identify with the artists. To follow this theme of 'relate-ability', we filmed sections of the music video (in handheld) of the band in situations where they are behaving naturally, and as if with friends. Again, this makes the audience feel involved, and as if they are friends of the band. The simplicity and minimalistic approach to both our ancillary tasks links them together. By using a white background, the bright pink handprint creates a strong contrast and immediately grabs the audience's attention. By not including professionally taken photographs of the band in either task, we have managed to avoid idolizing the band, and have kept the relatable factor. The image of the handprint, therefore, is used by the audience's, and begins to represent the band itself; almost like a logo.
Our product would stand out on a shelf because the colours are attention grabbing and bold. The basic conventions of our ancillary tasks include using quotes, record labels, and the recommended retail price.

3. Generally, our audience feedback was positive. The very first feedback collected about our music video had some very useful comments that we definitely took on board. I learnt that audience feedback can make the difference between a good piece of work, and a great one. I have noticed this when viewing other students work before, and after feedback. Specifically, as a group, we have learnt that not everyone likes the same things. One comment on our ancillary tasks was that he liked our product, but he wouldn't buy it because it's not his taste or style.
After looking at our rough cut feedback, we decided to add more split screens to make it more interesting. Having feedback from other students was important because it gives us another perspective on our work and points out any flaws we have missed.

4. In order to create our music video, we have had to plan it in great detail. This involved the use of technologies, such as 'blogger', 'tumblr' and 'flickr'. The construction stage required the use of final cut, photoshop, and an HD camera. We also used a digital camera, to plan locations in the planning stage. To evaluate our products, we used blogger and word to create several questionnaires, which other students in our class filled out. Specifically, I learnt how to upload photos to blogger via different websites, and how to create split screens on Final Cut.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Hayley's Evaluation

1. In what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

          Our media products in some way follow the conventions of real media products, for example we have used a conventional filming style for the main aspect of our video. This includes; long shots of the band, close ups on certain members, I.e. the lead singer, and close ups of the instruments. These shots are all used in real media music videos, by using these shots we also followed some of Goodwin’s point. By having close ups of the lead singer and long shots of the band we followed Goodwin’s point of selling the artist. The main focus of our video is the band, we show this by only featuring them in the video in both the conventional parts of the video and the ‘social footage’, in doing this we have kept the band at the forefront of the audience‘s minds and making them the selling point. The use of a back garden for the main location for the video also helped in selling the artist as there is nothing extravagant that would draw the audience’s attention away from the band, while their image, in terms of their costume, almost give them their own brand or look that helps sell the artists.
          We followed editing conventions as our music video consists of many fast cuts, these are especially clear in the handheld sequences. This makes our video interesting to watch as there is a lot for the audience to look at.
          We have also used Auteur’s theory as we have included ‘hooks’ for the audience. These ‘hooks’ are the handheld sequences and the use of split screens. These are repeated references throughout the video, thus creating a ‘hook’.
          However, we also develop and challenge the conventions of real media product. We developed the conventions by the use of handheld ‘social footage’, this is developing conventions as this type of idea is up and coming in modern music videos and is becoming very conventional.
          We are challenging conventions by portraying the band as relatable, this is a challenge to conventions as most artists come across as untouchable a prime example of this is Lady Gaga. Both the video and ancillary tasks focus on relatability. The ‘social footage’ shows the band as normal people having fun, the main inspiration behind our ‘social footage’ was Taylor Swift as she is using it a lot in her latest videos like ‘I'm Only Me When I'm With You’. The ancillary tasks create an air of relatability by the use of handprints in both the digi-pack cover and the magazine advert. By using the handprints to represent the band it means that pictures of the band were not needed which stops their faces from being seen world wide. If this had happened then the band would lose their audience relatibility.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

          The combination of our main product and our ancillary tasks are effective as they all use the idea of simplicity. Both the tasks, the digi-pack and the magazine advert, have a simplistic look while the music video consists of just the band with little set thus creating a minimalist look to the video. These combined are effective as they all have a common factor, they all work together to make the band come across to their audience as relatable. This makes them work as a promotional package as they work together to create the right look for the band.
          In the ancillary tasks, we used handprints to represent the band, almost like a logo. We used a handprint as a form of identity for the band instead of using conventional pictures as this would go against the idea of the band being relatable to their audience. For the tasks we had a colour scheme of white, black and bright pink. For both the tasks we used the handprints as the main focus, making them bright pink thus drawing the consumer’s eye’s to them. We kept the information on them easy to read by using simple font and making the text a decent size to read. By using black and pink font the information was very clear as both colours pop out from the white background. This meant that the basic features of the magazine advert and digi-pack, such as the price and the quotes from influential people from the music industry, were clear to the consumer and it would make our products stand out on a shelf.
          Overall, the combination of the music video with the ancillary tasks are effective as they all use the same main factors. They focus on the relatability of the band and they follow a simplistic, minimalist look. This combination makes them effective as a promotional package.

3. What have you learned from audience feedback?

          We gained feedback, mainly, from our target audience as well as people close to our target audience to help us in the creation of all our media products; our music video, digi-pack cover and magazine advert.
          The audience feedback taught us that using ‘hooks’, such as split screens, in our music video was very effective as they make the video much more interesting for the audience. The feedback we received for our ancillary tasks meant that we made our products to fit our audience. The feedback showed that our audience wanted something that was easy to read that also looked good, and for the magazine advert to display all the information clearly. By using this feedback we made our digi-pack cover and magazine advert fit with this criteria. The audience feedback meant that we could maximise our audience by using their ideas and needs.
          The feedback we received also meant that our products are improved due to the creative feedback. We learnt that by following, some, feedback given by the audience our products would become much improved. The improvements were mainly directed at our rough cut music video. For example, a majority of the audience’s feedback indicated that there were sections of the video that were too long and that needed either more content or more cuts to make them more interesting. As a result of the rough cut feedback to rectify this problem, during one of these sections, a four way split screen was added of the keyboard playing from different angles. This was edited to the beat with the appearance of two screens then the next two screens, although it only appears for a very short time it does break up the long section nicely.
          The verbal response to our final music video has been very positive, with many people liking the ‘social footage’ as it is different to many other videos out at the moment. There has also been good feedback on our use of split screens throughout the video and how they make the video more interesting to watch.
          If I were to do this again I would want to receive even more audience feedback, at different stages of production and construction, as it has proved to be very helpful in the creation of our media products as it has highlighted what the target audience wants and what their opinion’s are of our products.

. 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

          By using many different types of media technologies we created many opportunities to design, create and improve our media products.
          In the research stages our main resource was the Internet, especially websites such as 'Youtube' and 'Google images', to gain background ideas an different types of band images, and how music videos follow different conventions when made for different styles of music. For example, Rock music would need a completely different look to the music video than Pop music. By using these types of websites, alongside our class work, we identified the main conventions of a music video.
          In the planning stage we used digital cameras to capture all our written ideas and our location choices. These photographs were then put on the blog so we could see all our planning in one place. We also used Microsoft Word 2007 in our planning as we created questionnaires for our audience to complete, which would help us later on in our music product.
          To film the main aspect of our video we used a HD camera, this would give us a high definition video for the end product meaning that the footage would be a lot clearer than footage from an ordinary camera. We used this to our advantage as we shot the ‘social footage’ using Maria’s camera, which was not HD, so when we combined the ‘social footage’ with the main filming the audience could really tell the difference between the two filming styles.
          To create our music video we used Final Cut Express. It allowed us to use the applications and tools to create effects such as the split screens. By using Final Cut we learnt how to create a split screen, this was an interesting skill to learn as it gave us lots of different opportunities to try something new in our video and it made our video more interesting to watch. In our video we also used Motion Key frames to move our footage around on the screen. This was a hard skill we acquired and it took a long time to get it right but the end effect looked good on the final video so it was worth it.
          We used PhotoShop to create both our ancillary tasks, as I have never really used it before I learnt lots of new skills. For the digi-pack cover we experimented with the layout of the text, i.e. vertically and horizontally, this was done by using the edge of the text box to turn the text around. We also experimented with the exposure levels on the handprints to change the colours into the bright pink. For the magazine advert the best skill I learnt was the use of the magic lasso tool. We used this tool to make the advert more interesting to look at as it made the handprints look as if they were coming out of the advert. To create this illusion we used a black background underneath the white so when we moved the hands the black would show.
          Due to the restriction on ‘Blogger’ about the amount of pictures we could have, I learnt how to use websites like ‘tumblr’ and ‘flickr’. These allowed us to put more of our pictures on the blog by using the URL codes of our chosen pictures. Unfortunately some of our pictures are still not on there but there are links to them as their URL code has not worked.

Hayley's Mini Music Video Evalution

           If I were to tackle making a music video again I believe that I would take more time thinking about the mise-en-scene, i.e. costume as we were lucky in the way that the band members' individual looks linked well, thus creating a band like feel.
           I would also take into consideration aspects such as lighting. As a group, we did not think much about the lighting for our video until the actual filming of it, which was not the best idea. As we filmed most of our video outside we had to work with the elements as best we could with the end result turning out good in terms of the lighting. For some of the shooting, like the piano/keyboard sequence at the beginning, we had to improvise with the lights in Kathryn's house. At first the house lights created an unwanted shadow, so we decided to use a side standing lamp next to the piano. This also created problems as the light was too bright making the light bounce off the piano and making the hands almost disappear off the camera. We solved this problem by using a plastic wallet folded into four that we held over the lamp, this created the right type of light that we were after. All of this experimenting took time, which inevitably meant that we had less time time film than we had anticipated.
           I agree with Kathryn and Maria's evaluation, that if we were to do it again, to make sure that we had paper back-ups of all the necessary paper work such as the timeline and the storyboards. These would have made the filming alot easier in terms of what we were actually recording as we had to keep refering to the 'youtube' music clip and trying to figure out whether we had recorded all of the right material that we needed.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Evaluation of the music video

If I was to do the project again, and change things I would chose to do a conventional music video as we had a lot of complications in our music video, such as; making sure we had enough handheld footage and making sure it was interesting. Also, we had issues with the lighting, such as some of the shots being too light, or being too dark. I would also make sure we had back up images of our call-sheets, time line and story boards. If I were to do it again, I would chose to make a conventional music video as we had issues trying to get enough footage of us, as we hardly knew the boys.

Maria's Evaluation

1) How did your music video use and challenge the forms and conventions of a real media product?
 Our music video used and challenged the forms and conventions of a real media product by using different shots of the band e.g long shots, mid shots etc, we also used close ups of the band's instruments for example, the piano. this conforms to conventions of a real music video because music video's that cater to the same genre generally have close ups of guitars and/or other instruments for example here is a picture of a close up of a guitar in You Me At Six - Underdog. We However, our music video challenged conventions by adding in hand-held footage in the chorus', this then challenges conventions due to it being 'unprofessional' and not as polished as footage shot with a tripod/dolly as the camera is shaky. To make a distinct seperation between the hand-held and the rehearsal shots we decided to use different cameras, so when we came to shoot the video all hand-held was done on my home camera and all the rehearsal footage was shot on the college's HD camera.This was shot like this, so we could make a distinct point that it is 'band made' and therefore makes it more relatable. Our ancillary tasks are both conventional and non conventional. They conform to conventions because both the digi-pack and the magazine advert both use the same image and they link very strongly. However, they are also unconventional because unlike other band's/artist's digi-packs/magazine adverts, they do not have themselves on the front. We decided to use a pink hand to put across the idea of identity- the hand signifies that even though everybody is different and unique in their own way, not one being can be better than another as we are all equal. 

2) How effective is the combination of your media product and ancillary task?
Our magazine advert and digi-pack represent our music genre in a clear and easy way. Because, our music video was based on the idea that nobody is a 'celebrity' and the band are all relatable and normal people, we decided not to include an image of the band on the ancillary talk. Instead we focused on the band signifying identity. On our digi-pack and magazine advert we decided to use the colours black and pink - pink because, of the band's name The Pink Spiders - and black because, it is a simple colour that blends in. To make sure the magazine advert and the digi-pack linked together we used the same hand print, colours and font.

3) What have you learned from audience feedback?
The feedback we received from both our teacher and the class was generally very helpful. They gave us both positive and negative feedback, which then helped us identify what to change. After pitching our ideas they asked us several questions about our ideas, such as what kind of editing colours will you use, how will you keep it interesting to watch, and how will the audience know which is hand-held and which is not. The last question especially, helped us to figure out how to make a clear difference between the two, so in the end we used two different cameras, a newer HD one for the rehearsal shots and a slightly older non-HD camera for the hand-held shots. To answer the class' feedback on how to keep the video interesting we decided to add split screens and some more cuts to make it more visually interesting. 

4) How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?
We used the internet a lot in the research and planning stages of our music video, this helped us find out what the music video's were like of bands of the same genre, we also used to to research  whether artist's had done the band-made/relatable music videos before. After reading some comments on music video's such as Taylor Swift - I'm Only Me When I'm With You a lot of the fans respect that the video is hand made and it helps them to realise that she's just a normal girl and is wiling to find the time to make a music video for them. Along with Taylor Swift, we also found a song that was made by the artists, so it seems to be becoming something that artist's are looking into as well as having a professionally made music video (One Night Only - Daydream)
We found that by having quite a lot of time to plan, we were able to realise what would work and what wouldn't work and to perfect our ideas. We also looked at many past years work as it helped us know what kind of end result ours would end up being and how to avoid making it look amateur. 

Friday, 10 December 2010

Our Commentary!!

Creating the commentary; The process

On Tuesday, we filmed our commentary. Taking the typed out script with us, we went to the music block and asked if we could use an empty room to film in. Once we had set the camera on the tripod and figured out where we were going to sit, we filmed question by question, taking a gap in between figuring out what we were going to say for the next question. Once we got going it was a quick process and we got back in plenty of time to capture our footage and load all of it onto final cut.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Essay Script for the commentary

  1. Our music video both used, and challenged the forms and conventions of real media products. We used a conventional filming style for the majority of the video, this includes long shots of the band and close ups of the artists and instruments, for example the piano. However we challenged this by using the method of handheld filming. The purpose of this was to create a sense of identity; with the audience being able to relate to the artist. The handheld camerawork supports this as it creates the effect of the audience being there. To make sure there was a distinct difference between the hand held camera work and the 'professional' footage we decided to use two cameras.It also gives off the impression that a member of the band was filming the music video. We are challenging the conventions by portraying the band as relatable as most artists come across as unreachable to their audience; Lady Gaga is a prime example of this. Our ancillary tasks (magazine advert and digi-pack) are conventional as they are strongly linked. We used the colour scheme and had a repetition of the image of a hand print in the band's signature colour; pink. The hand print represents identity. We also used logos of the other companies (film producers etc) in our ancillary tasks, to create a sense of realism. 
  2. The combination of our main product and our ancillary tasks is effective, as the theme of identity and simplicity is evident. The theme of identity is shown in the form of the handheld sequences in the video and the use of hand prints in both the ancillary tasks. The handheld gives the video a 'band made' look whilst also creating the feeling that the audience could relate to the band. The audience can relate to them as they come across as regular people having fun. The use of the hand print for our ancillary tasks also follows the line of identity as the image is viewed by the audience as a logo for the band. Using the hand print also meant that by not including photos of the band their public image would be maintained. The idea of simplicity was seen throughout as the ancillary tasks used bold and bright colours to contrast the white background thus creating the simplistic look whilst the music video locations were kept to a minimal so the video would not become overly complicated to watch.   
  3. The audience feedback for our products were generally positive whilst also creative. The feedback meant that we could improve the look of our video to suit the audience even more, we did this by adding more interesting features such as the split screens into our video. The feedback we received for our ancillary tasks, along with our initial research, meant that the tasks included everything that the audience felt was necessary for that type of product while adding our own ideas in as well. Overall the audience feedback meant that our media products fitted the criteria needed to create good final products. 
  4. This is more on an individual question as we all gained new and different skills. For example, final cut, how to upload images to blogger, and photoshop

Friday 3rd December

Today we will:

  1. Create a script for our commentary, this will be done by conbining all of our answers, we decided after watching the commentary for 'An Education', that we want to use a similar structure to our commentary. 
  2. During our commentary we want to use parts of our music video, and our digi-pack and magazine advert
  3. We are going to discuss the location of where our commentary will be filmed for next lesson.
  4. We need to create a time line for our commentary

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Previous students commentary to analyze

Good Points:

  • shows evidence for their ancillary tasks and their music video
  • explains some of the decisions they made and why they made them
  • mentions the genre of their music video
  • mentions what some of the narrative means
  • mentions the research they did leading up to making the music video
  • mentions the style of music video they were going for - 60s
Alternative Points:
  • alot of the video is shown which means that we see little of the group before the end minutes
  • some members of the group talk more than others
  • There is a lot of background noise in one part of the video which makes it harder to concentrate on what they're saying.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Feedback Quetionnaire-Digi-pack


1) Would you pick our digi-pack up in a shop?
Yeah, of course, my eyes would definately be drawn to it
No but only because this kind of music doesn't appeal to me, otherwise probably.
2) Does it look professional enough to be in a shop?
It's simple, with no background, but it is very effective.
I think so yer looks good, simple but inventive.
3)What grabs you when looking at our digi-pack
Again the massive pink hand and the pink writing
The hand prints because they are very colourful
4) Does it have the right information included?
It has everything that I would see on a professional DVD cover, quotes, title, band name, pictures
Yep all the information that i would need to make an informed decision on whether to buy it or not.
5) Overall, do you like it? If not, why?
I think it is bloody brilliant :) well done girlies
Yer it's very good

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Feedback questionnaire-Magazine Advert

Magazine advert

1) What do you notice first when you see our magazine advert?
The bold, pink hand prints
The pink hand prints then to the other information on the advert.
2) Could you see it in a magazine?
Yes I could, but probably more of a male and music magazine rather than cosmopolitan or something girly
Yes it looks very professional and would probably fit well with a women/girls life style or music magazine.
3) Would you read it?
You can't but to, the bold font immediately attracts your eye
Yes i would out of curiosity more then anything
4) Does the font style/colour fit the genre?
Yeah, but it's quite different to what you would expect to see for a typical.
Yeah i think so i don't really know exactly what the genre is but it seems like a good generic advert
5) What genre do you think we are aiming for?
Rock / Indie maybe a girl band because of the pink obviously
6) Have we included all the information you would need in a magazine advert?
yeah, because it shows the price, where you can buy it etc
Yeah everything that i would need to know so that i can go out and buy it.
7) Overall, do you like it? If not, why?
Yeah, especially the colours used :)
Yer it's very good like i said it looks very professional although the colour is not my style.

Our target audience research

Here is the research we did which led us to the ideas behind our digi-pack and magazine advert.

1)What would you expect to see on a digi-pack cover?
Title, Band name, Quotes from mags, Pictures
Images, the band name
2)What do you notice first when picking up a digi-pack?
The picture and the artist
The main image or the biggest sized piece of text.
3)If it were up to you what would you put on the cover of a digi-pack?
On the front, picture, the artist and the title
A huge colourful image with the band name very obvious to see.
4)What do you expect to see in a magazine advert?
pretty much the same
A big image that fills up most of the page, with the information written in smallish font near the bottom of the page.
5)What kind of images would you like to see in an advert?
Cool ones that describe the artist's and show off their genre
Colourful images that somehow relates too the band, e.g their logo.
6)Would you like something that is simple to read or something with lots going on?
I think it depends on the genre, for example, if it is something soulful, a simple digi pack would be better rather then bold, bright colours. Whereas some rocky might have bolder colours
I personally would like something easy to read so that it will catch my attention and so I would actually read it, if there is too much going on then I would probably turn to the next page.

Our final digi-pack

Here is a link to our Digi-pack cover 

Final magazine advert

Here is a link to our magazine advert

Past Student's-Digi-pack analysis

This Digi-pack was created by: Group 18 2009/2010
  • The whole cover follows a theme: this looks good, flows well and is interesting to look at.
  • The white writing contrasts the black background very well and makes the text stand out, the text it to the point with no extra information to fill the cover up a bit more which means that the creators could try different ways of placing the writing not just slotting it in where it fits.The use of mainly dark colours by itself would be bland but with the blasts of white created from the guitars it brings the cover out of the darkness and make it even more interesting to look at.
  • It is quite simplistic in its design layout but the fire gives it some complexity that in turn gives the cover some focal points for the consumer to admire, this use of fire also gives the cover its sense of flow.
  • Just by looking at the digi-pack it is clear to see what kind of genre the music video will be
  • The way it has been presented makes it clear to see what is in the digi-pack and who the band are.
    Alternative Points
    • Although the simplicity of the cover is great, there may be too little information about what is in the digi-pack for the consumer to really know what they are buying.
    • Also, due to the little writing there is no legal warnings or running times for the digi-pack on the cover which are needed, for obvious reasons, and it is also lacking on not having the logos showing.
    • There is no bar code on the product.
    • There is no certification even though there is a parent warning on it, which can confuse the consumer as there is no suggested age restriction
    • It makes it unclear which record label owns the band as there is no logo

      Monday, 29 November 2010

      Past student's-Magazine advert analysis

      This magazine advert was created by: Group P1-04 2009/2010
      • The information is very clearly displayed, e.g. where we could get the product [HMV].
      • The main image is very eyecatching and interesting to look at, which makes you want to read what the poster is about and it makes you more inclined to purchase the product.
      • Clearly named product with very clear font, good as if it is hard to read then people maybe turned away from purchasing the product as they did not read the rest of the advert.
      • The overall look is interesting and creative yet simplistic, which is good to look at and it means that it will attract attention where ever it is placed.
      • The way the group have edited the image and blended it out makes it look very professional and eye catching.
      • Because the image is so unique and different to the magazine covers out at the moment, this makes it more eye catching to the consumer and therefore makes the consumer want to look further into the product.
        Alternative Points
        • The bold font with the name of the band and the song title is big but as it is white it almost blends in with the background, so it is slightly harder to read.
        • It does not actually say what date the digi-pack came out in retail stores, 'out now' could mean any time and the advert could have been published before it was meant to which could cause some consumer trouble for HMV as they may not have recieved the digi-pack yet.
        • The bottom text is informative but as all the lines are different sizes it looks as if they did not have time to complete the advert, this slightly takes away from the brilliant background and the good positioning of the rest of the text in the advert.
        • The black font at the bottom of the image has been positioned so the end of the sentence can't be read easily as it blends in with the shadow colour

          Friday, 26 November 2010

          Friday 26th November

          We have finished both the Digi-pack cover and the magazine advert!!!
          • When we got to media we took it in turns to trace parts of the hand print while the others started to write a draft of what information we needed on the advert.
          • When we eventually finished with the hand prints we started to add the text, we wrote all the information before we started to arrange it so we knew that we had all the information needed for the advert actually on our advert somewhere.
          • We have arranged all the information on our advert and we are checking that both our digi-pack cover and advert meet the criteria of what they should contain and whether we have put on all the right information on them.
          • We are pleased with the way our final products look!

          Thursday 25th November

          • We have tried the back cover from both the portrait and landscape view, but we have decided that it looks better if the writing is portrait. This is because when it was landscape it looked amateur and not very professional looking.
          • We have agreed on the font style for all the writing, there are a few different fonts and we ever created the font for 'Seventeen Candles' by using the applications on Photoshop, we blended out the bottom of the words 'seventeen candles' and made it look like the words were candles themselves.
          • So for the moment we have finished our digi-pack cover but we will look at it tomorrow for any last minute adjustments that we feel needed to be made.
          Magazine Advert
          • We are going to follow the theme of hand prints in our magazine advert, and we are also going to follow the same colour scheme as the digi-pack, this makes them link more effectively and will make the overall end result look more professional/
          • Once again we are using a white background but we have placed an 'underlayer' of black as we have been experimenting with different ways of having the hand prints on the advert. We have discovered the magnetic wand tool, this allows us to trace around the hand prints and move them slightly, which then brings out the black background, giving it a 3D effect .This combined with the black 'underlayer' gives the advert an alternative look to it. 
          Unfortunately, we found that this is quite time consuming so we will have to finish the rest of the hand prints next lesson.

          Tuesday 23rd November

          • Today we have started on our digi-pack cover. We want the front cover to be quite simplistic as we are planning to only have the band name [The Pink Spiders] the song title [Seventeen candles] and other need to know essentials i.e logos, but the back cover will contain most of the writing for the pack.
          • For the front cover we have Photoshopped a hand print onto our cover and we have arranged it so it fills most of the front cover. It is bright pink, which really stands out against the white background, while the writing is in black.
          • The back cover has the contents of the digi-pack, the legal paragraph at the bottom about not rental etc... We are planning to use more hand prints to 'decorate' the back cover.
          Next lesson we have to decide on the font for all the writing, re-arrange the back cover so it is more appealing to the consumer.

          Friday 19th November

          Digi-pack and Magazine advert
          •  We are not going with the original idea of school photos, we have gone with the idea of hand prints for both the digi-pack and the magazine advert. This is because we feel that if the band members faces are plastered all over the country the they would become unreachable to the audience, like stars such as Lady Gaga. The symbol of the hand print signifies our band, as in 'The Gorillaz' who use fictional characters to represent them. The use of fictional characters still gets their name around the country without the use of their actual identities being needed, this keeps their image as a band yet it does not affect the way they are portrayed, therefore it eliminates the idea of them being 'celebrities' as nobody has a clear indication of who they are. 
          • The colour scheme we have chosen for our digi-pack and magazine advert is pink, black and white, this gives them a simplistic look to make sure it is not overloaded with anything that would distract the consumer. 

          Tuesday, 16 November 2010

          Lesson Plans 19th-26th November

          Friday 19th November-
          1. Create a questionniare about the Digi-pack cover and Magazine advert
          2. Sketch some design ideas for Digi-pack covers
          3. Decide on type of look for the Digi-pack cover suits the best
          4. Start to create the Digi-pack cover
          Tuesday 23rd November-
          1. Ask some pupils from other groups their opinion of the cover
          2. Finish Digi-pack cover
          3. Possibly-start to think about the Magazine advert
          Thursday 25th November-
          1. Denfinatly-start the Magazine advert
          Friday 26th November-
          1. Finish the Magazine advert
          2. Check both pieces for any necessary changes
          3. Put them on the Blog!

          Digi-pack + Magazine Brainstorm!

          • band name
          • singles title
          • image?
          • certificated?
          • barcode
          • font style
          • colours
          • different front cover to back
          • spine of cover
          • need to know information; dates, cost, retail stores
          • school photos [visual idea already on the blog 'New Plan!!!- Digi-pack ideas]
          • holiday photos
          • group shot
          • hand prints
          • totally created in Photoshop

          Final Music Video


          Friday, 12 November 2010

          In Answer to the Feedback

          • To add more interest to the shots that were too long a split screen has been added of the piano from four different angles. This then helps to break down some shots that would have caused the audience to lose focus as it is all the same shot, so to avoid that we wanted to make the video as visually interesting as possible.
          • The framing has been sorted out- this was done by making all the footage from the HD camera look like the footage off Maria's camera. This meant that the footage had to be cropped and then enlarged to fill the whole screen. This means that in the final video the handheld shots fit the whole screen and the HD footage has a slight gap at the top and bottom, this adds effect as it shows an obvious difference to the shots and makes it obvious that there is supposed to be different quality of shots depending on whether it is handheld or HD, and it doesn't look accidental. 
          • The framing for the split screens are deliberately imperfect; this was done not only to make the split screen look more interesting but, as the actual size of the image we wanted where different it seemed to suit more if we went along with the footage rather than all the screens being identical in size. An example of this is on the first split screen you can see on our rough cut post- the 'band' long shot is bigger than the mid shot of the lead singer, instead of making adjustments to the clips by cropping them we left them in their original sizes when we shrank them. 
          • In terms of transitions, fades have been added to make the footage flow together better and to make the transitions between the handheld and HD footage more aesthetically pleasing. This makes sure that our video is not 'jumpy' e.g. confuses/disorientates the audience so it's more smooth as we did not want the audience wondering what was going on

          More Feedback- added handheld footage

          Holly's Likes and Improvement Ideas
          -Like the different shot styles- handheld
                                                        - band focus
                                                        - social focus
          -Like the lead singer's stuff [Goodwin's point] but some shots are too long- could you add in more cuts?
          -Split screen and editing on the beat works well as does the motion key.
          -Make sure that your framing isn't too out too much or it looks odd.
          -Think about transitions but don't make it look tacky.

          New Plan!!-Digi-pack Ideas

          This is one of the ideas for our DVD cover, we like the idea of having all the band on the front cover, possibly old school photos for the band members or old holiday pictures of when they were young, this would keep to the idea of them being relatable to the target audience. At the moment we are undecided as to what kind of images we would like on the back cover.

          Tuesday, 9 November 2010

          Marking criteria for our video

          1) holding a shot steady when appropriate
                - We have used many steady shots throughout the video, while filming we used the tripod for everything except handheld

          2) framing a shot - including and excluding elements (position)
               - For our split screen (4 shots) we deliberately decided to have them imperfect.

          3) using a variety of shot distances
              - We have experimented with lots of different shot types as to make our video more visually interesting, the shot differences are also counteracted with our handheld footage to break things up

          4) shooting material appropriate to the task
              - Our video has been made, such that there will be no issues in broadcasting during daytime television. The way we shot it has fit our target audience criteria and also comes across as relatable

          5)Selecting mise-en-scene
               - The way our actors dressed is very conventional and relatable to our target audience, due to our original idea of making sure our music video is very relatable, it was filmed in a location that would not make this idea impossible and hypocritical

          6)Editing so meaning is apparent
                - Our handheld footage has been shot and edited in such a way that any narrative and structure would defeat the object of using the footage to make them more relatable
               - The conventional style (i.e the 'rehearsal' shots) has been edited so that it flows in conjunction with the music.

          7)Using varied shot transitions
              - We used split screens throughout our video
              - We need to experiment more with transitions and other effects to make the editing look more professional

          8)Using sound with images
              - Our music video fits in with the original song and we are trying to edit in such a way that it fits in with the beat.

          Thursday, 4 November 2010

          Teacher Feedback

          Some of your ideas are coming together well girls. The use of split screen is visual interesting. I think if you experiment with some motion key frame that will make the video look exciting. there is some good shot variety so far and because the camera doesn't remain static this makes the video have a more professional look.
          Some of your shots are quite long at the moment, you should use your extra footage to enable you to cut between scenes and keep the pace of the video up.
          There is quite a lot of blank space left, ensure you organise your time in the next few lessons well and if you need a reshoot plan this effectively.

          Rough Cut Video

          Here is our rough cut video- most of the black stages will be filled with handheld footage.

          Tuesday, 2 November 2010

          Our response to the feedback

          • In response to the comments about the missing sections, we still need to add the handheld footage of the band 'hanging out' and this will fulfill the need to change location. The only reason there were black spaces was because we had not added the handled footage
          • In regards to effects, we don't want our video to looks amateur or 'cheesy', so have so far avoided this option. However we will experiment and, depending on the outcome, will change as appropriate. We will consider added transitions in between shots though as long as we make them subtle.
          • The problem of the acoustic/electric guitar was one that came up on set; the lack of an available electric guitar meant that we used acoustic instead. We understand that it would look more naturalistic with an electric guitar. However, we did take in to consideration that there are electric acoustic guitars.
          • We have slightly changed our pitch idea with the placement of Maria as supposed 'Director' of the video. We think it fits with the idea of a 'homemade' video by showing the 'behind the scenes' aspects.
          We will take all of the above comments into consideration while making our decisions for the completion of our final music video.


          we thought your video was overall very good. The editing  was decent. However, we didn't believe the acoustic guitar fitted in with the guitar solo. We would recommend an electric guitar as it would fit the sound better.

          Music Video Feedback


          We liked how they used split screens to make the video more interesting and also how they looked like a real band with the lead singer, guitarists and pianoists in the video.We think that they could use different locations to make the video more interesting and obviously fill in the blank spaces but this is only because it is not finished. The visual to lyrics were out of time also they used voyeurism by having close ups of the main singer. However we didn't understand why the girl at the end of the video was holding a camera.

          Music Video Feedback

          U1-41- We like the beginning layout,  and the editing for it. Some blank spaces are missing, but thats probably going to be added in later. In addition to this maybe an electric guitar would have been more believable rather than acoustic. The band set up looks good, and they lip synced well. And we also liked the different camera angles used, especially the pan. The costumes also looked quite bandy, which made it more believable.

          Rough Cut Feedback

          Good video lip syncing was quite good, there were large parts of the video that were black, not sure if this is intentional or not if so what are you trying to achieve with this?
          Good editing, nice use of the same shot when the chorus kicks in.
          Could possibly have more content to make it more interesting like another narrative like the band messing around or hanging out.
          Might be interesting to try the video in black and white or just try some different effects, although the natural look does work.

          Tuesday, 19 October 2010


          We ended up using 4 locations on the day which were:

          - Kathryn's study - this was used for the close up of the piano and some of the handheld shots such as playing the Wii
          - Kathryn's kitchen - This was used for the close ups of Matt (the lead singer) miming to the beginning part of the song
          - Kathryn's garden - this was our main location and was used for all of the rehearsal footage and some of the handheld
          - Kathryn's living room - this was used for the handheld footage
          - Roundabout - this was used for the individual shot of Alex (the guitarist) for our split screen at the beginning
          - College - this was used for some of the handheld and the test footag

          footage fixed

          We have managed to figure out how to fix the problem that we had last lesson of how to capture footage. Maria's camera doesn't let us capture straight on to final cut, so instead of capturing it we have to go to finder and try to find the folder in which the footage saves to. We then have to find a way of putting them into final cut. However, for our rehearsal/concert footage which was filmed on the college's HD camera we just have to capture that straight onto final cut.

          Friday, 15 October 2010

          Lesson Plan has FAILED!!!

          We cannot capture the footage from Maria's camera to Final Cut. It could be something to do with the memory card but we cannot fix it at the moment as we cannot get the footage onto the card or the card to register having footage actually on it. We also cannot get the computer to register the device as being plugged in. However, Maria's dad seems to know how to sort this problem out so we are fairly confident we will be able to use the camera to film this weekend. If not, we can easily just use the college camera we have borrowed to film everything.

          This Lesson Plan 15/10/10!!

          This lesson we are hopefully going to be creating some test footage of Kathryn and Maria, which we have already filmed this lunch with Maria's camera. This test footage will give us a chance to experiment with the look of the footage. Unfortunately we do not have the lead to Maria's camera so we are hoping that a college lead will allow us to capture the footage.

          Mood Board DVD

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, this image is missing this is down to a problem in importing it onto the blog.

          Thursday, 14 October 2010

          Target Audience

          The song 'seventeen candles' is aimed at the target audience of teenagers (hence the title) because the lyrics feature a girl of 17 and her 'journey'. Since our music video will also be featuring people of around that age, our target audience will be people of the same age.

          Other artists with a similar target audience are:



          Katy Perry:

          Tuesday, 12 October 2010

          BLOG OF THE WEEK.


          You are blog of the week. Your blog is detailed and varied. Well done and keep up the good work.


          Amateur Vs Professional analysis

          Notes while watch the videos:

          Group 06 Music Video 2009/10
          -lip syncing off
          -well edited at the beginning
          -good pace
          -fitted with style of music
          -could have planned more
          -seemed to lack substance
          -unprofessional- laughing
          -no storyline

          Goodwin's Points
          1. Selling the artist- friendly, relatable
          2. Voyeurism- watching them being themselves and we feel like we are there with them
          3. Genre Characteristics- Indie music, fun, playful
          4. Visuals + Lyrics- lip syncing
          5. Visuals + Music- editing goes with the beat
          6. Intertextuality- does not seem to be any apart from the usual brands etc.

          Eminem and Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie
          -uses CGI-high tech
          -storyline direct with the lyrics
          -well acted
          -better quality-footage/lighting/special effects
          -emotional response
          -film-like in the acting sequences
          -bigger level of depth-emotionally

          Goodwin's Points
          1. Selling the artist- both artists are in the video at different points
          2. Voyeurism- you feel like you are involved in their life story
          3. Genre Characteristics- RnB/rap combination, relationships, attractive female in video, violence, artist always in video.
          4. Visual + Lyrics- set this house on fire- house then on fire, generally the lyrics were the stroyline in the relationship.
          5. Visuals + Music- editing fits with the music beat
          6. Intertextuality- the actors (Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan)

          Overall analysis:
          Generally the professional music video is of better quality as they have a bigger budget whilst using actual actors with means that they can evoke the right response from the audience whereas the student video does not seem to have any particular aim or message.

          Student Video

          Love The Way You Lie - Eminem and Rihanna

          Friday, 8 October 2010

          Analysis of DVNO student's music video

          Analysis using Goodwin's Points!!
          1. Selling the artist - very much about him being a style icon and an idol.
          2. Voyeurism -in the background of the m. v there are several female dancers wearing provocative clothing. The camera lingers on the female's bodies.
          3. Genre Characteristics - many of fast cuts, a range of coloured lights, there are dancers and they are dancing, the main artist - costume and make up.
          4. Visuals + Lyrics - linked as the song is about a boy going to a club and being seen as cool.
          5. Visuals + Music - fast paced cuts, flashing lights, musicians clap in time with the music.
          6. Intertextuality - DJ deck, military coat (worn by lead artist).

          Analysis of previous Long Road music video-T1-27

          Analysis using Goodwin's Points!!
          1. Selling to artist - they sell them as relatable and yet promote them as role models of their certain style and confidence.
          2. Voyeurism - other than the fact that we are watching the artists there is little voyeurism.
          3. Genre Characteristics - 'alternative rock', their outfits are fairly typical for this style, for example trilby hats, they are playing instruments 'live' rather than for example Take That where they are just standing around during the video.
          4. Visuals + Lyrics - these students have not gone for the direct approach of directly using the lyric to dictate the video.
          5. Visuals + Music - the editing cuts coincide with the sound of the music as they are made seamless due to the music carrying the image forward with the song.
          6. Intertextuality - there may have been some brands on the instruments, but apart for that the locations consisted of a rehearsal room and what looked like a park.

          A similarly filmed video - colour experimentation

          This video features black and white video techniques and coloured elements, which we are considering using within our music video as we are going to experiment with the overall look of the video.

          Thursday, 7 October 2010

          Contacting the original artist

          The email we sent to the band. It says: To whom it may concern,

          We are media studies students at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge. To complete our A level course, it is necessary to create a music video. We would like to ask for permission to use your song 'Seventeen Candles' as we believe we can create an interesting and new style of music video with this song.

          Yours sincerely,
          Kathryn King, Maria Bone and Hayley Sayer

          Maria's sent mail. It is the second from the top

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, these images are missing this is down to a problem in importing them onto the blog.

          Analysis of Lyrics

          • About a 17 year-old - reinforces the 'relatable factor' which we are tackling in our video as all the actors are of this age or similar.
          • There are no hidden meanings in the actual lyrics
          • They tell a fairly detailed story of a girl who was told that life does not get any better after her 17th birthday, and she becomes upset at this
          • Told from the 3rd person perspective which we will be taking advantage of by showing the band in the music video, instead of 'the girl', to keep the band as the main focus point
          • Song is summarized by the conclusive sentence, 'Why not just enjoy the ride?', which adds a positive spin on the, so far, generally negative mood of the song 

          Seventeen Candles-Lyrics

          Every day’s a distraction
          All the animals just looking for action
          And Emily’s free-styling rhymes
          Smoking in the girl’s room to kill some time
          Cause all they want is a girl who
          Parties hard and doesn’t bother to argue
          And nobody’s worse for the wear
          Everybody’s cool with the “I don’t care”
          Seventeen candles are burning bright tonight 
          But I’ve a feeling
          That she believes she’s a bit old for cake 
          And gifts and party favours
          Emily, everyone told her it don’t get much better 
          Which only upset her
          Could this be as good as it gets?
          Just as loud as a half-stack
          Of vodka tonic bottled up in her backpack
          She’s badder than big heavy Jane’s
          She turns it all out but the fact remains
          That all we do is talk about the future
          Like there’s some way to control it
          Why not just enjoy the ride?
          Seventeen candles are burning bright tonight 
          But I’ve a feeling
          That she believes she’s a bit old for cake 
          And gifts and party favours
          Emily, everyone told her it don’t get much better 
          Which only upset her
          Could this be as good as it gets?
          She said if this is the nightlife I’d rather stay in
          You call this a good time I just call it a trip
          If this is as good as it gets 
          Then I’m packing up my shit and I’m gone
          Seventeen candles are burning bright tonight 
          But I’ve a feeling
          That she believes she’s a bit old for cake 
          And gifts and party favours
          Emily, everyone told her it don’t get much better 
          Which only upset her
          Could this be as good as it gets?
          Seventeen candles are burning bright tonight 
          But I’ve a feeling
          That she believes she’s a bit old for cake 
          And gifts and party favours
          Emily, everyone told her it don’t get much better 
          Which only upset her
          Could this be as good as it gets?

          Casting- which actors are we going to use?

          Earlier we posted our casting suggestions on the blog, we have now had a discussion on who we would like to be in our video verses who will be availible for the shooting times and who can get to the later location of Kathryn's house for the weekend.

          • Sam Lucas - we would like for him to be in our video as he fits the image that we are going for (unsure if he can do the weekend shoot.)
          • Henry Jones - again we think that he fits the image (unsure of his commitment to the video)
          • Alex Stockley - definite yes for the video and he can play the guitar!
          • Kathryn King - as she is part of the group she is on set to be in the video and she can play the piano!
          • Maria Bone - she will be on set and can play some guitar!
          • Sam Oliver - he is a definite no as he said he would have felt uncomfortable in front of the camera.

          Location of handheld scenes

          We have chosen these locations as they will fit the look we are going for. As our artists (actors) will be of the age whereby they will be at college, it will be a natural environment for them and we can capture some real life footage for the handheld scenes thus making them fit the relatable look we want to create for our band.

          Location Photos (handheld locations)


          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, this photos are missing this is down to a problem in importing them onto the blog.

          Tuesday, 5 October 2010

          Mood Board

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, this image is missing this is down to a problem in importing it onto the blog.

          Shot List

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, this image is missing this is down to a problem in importing it onto the blog.

          Call sheet 2

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures these images are missing, this is down to a problem in importing them onto the blog.

          Call sheet 1

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, these images are missing this is down to a problem in importing them onto the blog.


          Here is part 1 of our storyboard
          Here is part 2 of our storyboard
          Here is part 3 of our storyboard 

           The blank spaces in our storyboard are the handheld sections (excluding the last three)

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, these images are now links as this is down to a problem in importing them onto the blog.


          Here is a link to part 1 of our timeline.
          Here is a link to part 2 of our timeline.
          Here is a link to part 3 of our timeline.
          Here is a link to part 4 of our timeline.

          Friday, 1 October 2010

          Mise en Scene Research

          Props - guitar, outfits (e.g. hats)
          Lighting - handheld - natural
                         - Fixed - just before dark
          Costume - hat? Dark colours
          Make up - none specifically
          Colour - Switch between colour + black and white, saturation
          Sets - House, college hall, town, road

          Tuesday, 28 September 2010


          The questions people asked were:
          1. How would you keep it interesting
          2. What do you call a stereotypical scene?
          3. Will there be extras?
          4. What costumes will you be using?
          5. What kind of editing of colours will you be doing?
          Our answers to these questions were:
          1. Our use of handheld, incoprorated with standard scenes would keep the audience's attention. Also using transitions to intensify the switch between the handheld camera and the use of tripods.
          2. Stereotypical scenes are usually long shots of the band, mixed with close ups of the singer lip-syncing, as well as close ups of the instruments being played.
          3. We may include extras but we want to keep the focus on the artists themselves.
          4. We are now considering the costume options and will update the blog further when we have come to a decision.
          5. We are going to experiment with colour to gain a new skill, however if it doesn't work, it is easily canceled out.

          Friday, 24 September 2010

          Pitch Idea continued 2

          Why do you think it will hold the audience's attention?
          • We believe that it will hold the audience's attention as it would make the 'artists' appear more relatable and more approachable, as music videos at the moment seem to create a barrier between the artist and their audience
          • This barrier creates the illusion of the artist being above regular people and it helps to further create the distance between the artist and their audience and the belief that the famous are untouchable. 

          Similar music videos

          We have tried to research music videos that have the same 'home movie' effect and we are going to use them as a base of what to and what not to do.

          1) Taylor Swift's music video for - I'm Only Me When I'm With You.

          This will be similar to our idea as it is quite comical, however we will make sure our music video is less shaky and has a lot more technical skills in it, for instance long shots, close ups etc.

          2) One Night Only's music video for - Daydream

          We chose this one because it was filmed and directed by the band itself, this makes it a more personalized video because it has the bands intake on it and its their vision, rather than the record companies or the video's director, this is similar to ours as it represents the artist's personalities.

          Pitch Idea continued

          Why does our pitch idea meet the Goodwin Points (or not)?

          Selling the Artist:
          • We are selling the artist by having them as the focus of the video and showing them in a good light
          • By having the use of a 'home video', we are creating the effect of the viewer watching the band when they are feeling completely at ease.
          • During the handheld camera section, we will be able to see one of the band member videoing the other members on their phone, which we will then cut to and from to give a different viewpoint of the scene.
          Genre Characterstics
          • Having the band rehearsing the song in the music video follows the genre characteristics of pop/indie music.
          • Showing the artists in a good light as well as portraying the band as having fun also follows some modern conventions for music videos.
          Visuals and Lyrics
          • We are not going to try and link the lyrics with the video as we are going for a slightly unconventional approach to the video, but we will have the band members lip syncing while they are rehearsing.
          Visuals and Music
          • The editing of the footage and the change of camera styles will coincide with the beat of the song and the feel of the music.

          Pitch Idea

          We have chosen track 11 - Seventeen Candles - Pink Spiders.

          • Drama studio
          • The hall
          • Town
          • Maria's house
          • Corridor
          • Piano
          • Guitar
          • Stage (in the hall)
          •  Kathryn and Maria will be playing the instrumental parts
          • We will be finding two male actors (hopefully from one of the drama classes)
          Effects and Editing:
          • We are going to have to cleverly edit between the handheld camera and camera on the tripod.
          • We're going to experiment with colour and black and white.
          Filming Style
          • Part of our music video will be filmed hand held to make the band seem more familiar and relatable, unlike many famous musicians, who appear to be out of reach and unrelatable.
          • Alongside this, we will be using conventional filming styles, such as using long shots of the band, a dolly, and close ups of the instruments.

          Thursday, 23 September 2010

          Track 11 brainstorm

          Track 11 is Seventeen Candles by Pink Spiders.
          The ideas we had were:
          • piano solo
          • normal video
          • band needed
          • live performance
          • live action
          • different instruments
          • upbeat

          Track 2 brain storm

          Track 2 is Pinkly Smooth by McFly.
          Our ideas are:
          • Colourful
          • Backwards
          • Beatles look
          • Charlie Chaplin look
          • Sped up
          • Quirky/Odd/Different
          • Mr Bean
          • Interesting
          • Lots of movement
          Videos we found of a similar idea were:

          Questions on our DVD cover

          1. How far did you get?
          We have put in all the aspects we wanted to include in our DVD cover, within the given time, and feel satisfied with the outcome.

          2. What did you struggle with?
          Choosing the initial idea for the cover was difficult as we had contrasting ideas. We overcame this by compromising and collaborating to make the final product something we are all happy with.

          3. What skills have you developed?
          Photoshop skills (using effects, colours and layout) and collaborative skills are both things we have gained in this process.

          4. How many lessons do you think you will need to do the real task?
          Since we managed to complete this task within the given time frame, we believe a similar time, if not slightly more, would be ideal. However we would need at least an extra lesson to plan as this was a obstacle that we had to overcome.

          Our DVD Cover practise

          Due to Blogger restrictions on pictures, this image is missing this is down to a problem in importing it onto the blog.

          Tuesday, 21 September 2010

          Researching DVD covers

          To find out what other music artist's write on the front of their dvd covers and to make sure ours wasn't too simple or complicated we decided to research 3 bands or solo music artist's to contrast and compare ours too.

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